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Why does everyone say that we should learn a second language like children?

The answer to this will motivate you in all aspects of your life.

Naturally we are changing our way of learning and internalizing, all of this for the only reason that when we grow older and as we face new learning, we automatically create barriers or filters of Time, Effort and Goals. For example when we are interested in a new language you immediately ask yourself: how long will it take me to learn this new language? Some day you will meet people who already dominate more than one language and you will learn that it took him years, and that’s when you will be demotivated because you will think it takes a long time to learn a new language.

Speaking of effort, you will meet people who have a proficient second language level, and that is when you will also realize that it took them a lot of effort to reach that level, such as tasks, courses, hours of practice, hours of conversation, hours of listening and that will yet motivate or demotivate you because you thought you didn’t need as much effort and focusing.

Now, speaking of goals; you will meet people who studied that second language by basically learning nothing. You will also meet others with intermediate language levels who are not advancing and seem stocked. With this, you will realize that many times learning a second language is a goal that is not achieved for many.

Now pay close attention to the reason why it is said that we must learn as children. A child is not aware of time, does not know how long it will take him to learn this first or second language. The child simply knows that he needs to communicate (in any language) to get what he needs or establish a relationship with his environment.

The child is unaware of the effort they make to communicate in two languages, does not know that they are at a higher level of education or that they have more skills than children who only speak one language, the child undergoes learning without telling himself who is making a greater effort taking his classes, practicing and absorbing other languages.

To sum up; the child does not know what failure is or the value of a goal, if he leaves his learning in the future he will know that what he has learned will be used when he needs it, because he learned without the frustration of an adult, and if he manages it, his ability will be natural.

All of us are born with a natural stimulus to learn and never give up, no child gives up trying to walk, if he falls he gets up and tries again, when he tries to speak, if he makes a mistake when he mispronounces, he always tries again and never gives up.

Do not give up, do not set goals, do not think about the effort, Learn!

Start your classes today.

By Lenin Ruiz


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