Children who speak two languages

Did you know that children become smarter if they speak more than one language?
I know that you have heard the phrase “children’s brains are sponges”. But, what does that mean?
That means that their little brains are like babies themselves since they want to be fed, trained, nurtured, and want to be exposed to new experiences and learnings.
Children get to learn a second language faster than adults, but why?

Reason 1: They do not feel embarrassed to make mistakes!

Reason 2: The language input they receive from daily interaction and imitation make them learn a second language easier.

Reason 3: Their brains are prepared to learning through fun activities and games. They love to have fun and learning at the same time!

If you are an adult and think that you will find difficult to Learn Spanish at your age…THAT’S ONLY AN EXCUSE!!

You can absolutely Learn Spanish and other languages if you want. All you need is for a CHILD to live inside YOU!

Children learn a second language faster than adults